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​Commercial Laundry, Linen, and Towel Cleaning Services for Businesses and Industries near Houston, Pearland, Missouri City, Sugar Land, and Bellaire, TX

Sekco Laundry Services specializes in commercial laundry.  We launder clothing for many different industries. One of our specialties is the medical field. We wash & fold laundry for hospitals and clinics, doctors, dentists, veterinarians, physical therapists and vet hospitals. We wash uniforms, towels, scrubs, and medical jackets.

One thing that sets Sekco apart from others is that we have industrial irons and can press your clothes. For most customers, our wash & fold is enough for their business laundry. For others, having their clothes pressed is essential.

Commercial laundry is priced by the job.  Pricing is based on the type of laundry you have, the amount of laundry you have, how often you have it and how easy or difficult it is to fold.  We do a professional job on commercial laundry and are flexible on pickup and delivery schedules and billing.   Depending on the commercial laundry service you need, there may even be discounts available for some clients.  Please call or email us for a bid on your commercial laundry.  (346) 313-0953 or

Commercial Linen Cleaning Services for Hotels, Airbnb, VRBO, and HomeAway

The Houston area is known for both tourism and business travelers so we do a lot o f hotel laundry service and Airbnb laundry service.  We pick up the dirty linen from your rental and bring back clean laundry on our next delivery day.  We also do hotel laundry for hotels and boutique hotels.  We do laundry cleaning service for motels, bed & breakfasts, VRBO, and vacation rentals.  Please contact us for a bid on your Home Away or short-time rentals.

Commercial Laundry Service for Restaurants

Sekco Laundry Service does commercial laundry service for restaurants and catering companies.  We launder table cloths, napkins, chair covers and uniforms.  We launder cleaning cloths and mop heads.  We have a commercial iron to press the table cloths and napkins, a service most others don't offer.  We launder for restaurants and bars and do high end restaurants and pizza parlors. We would love to help you with your commercial linen.

Commercial Laundry Service for Salons and Spas

Our laundry service works for hair salons, beauty parlors, barber shops and nail salons.  We do towel cleaning for these salons and wash capes and hairdresser uniforms.  We wash tons of towels for pet groomers and wash towels and sheets for gyms, spas, and massage spas.  We also do towels for yoga studios and fitness centers.  If you need laundry service for you salon or spa, we can help.