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Rental Express Robotic Wash and Press Service near Houston, TX

Rent our Express Wash and Press Laundry Service!!!Our team members will help deliver a great service using our automated multi-stations wash and press system  Find out from us how you can have up to 50 garments washed and pressed in half an hour at a really affordable price .Our patent pending Robotic Laundry Wash and Press system processes several garments at the same time .

How it Works:

Send us a request for a demo . We will contact you back  through phones, emails, video call  or physical appointment we will consult on the laundry business needs or simply bulk wash and press  needs . Upon completion  of consultation .We agree on terms and have you and your business on the way to take full advantage of our Robotic laundry wash and Press Service .

Special  or large orders will be accommodated and quoted separately.

Contact us and learn to free up time  increase laundry productivity and get more revenue