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​Who is Sekco LLC

Our History and Vision:

With an education in both industrial Engineering and Mathematics, the founder of Sekco LLC has worked for over 15 years in international manufacturing companies in the field defense "Automotive" and oil and gas "pipe threading" industry.

His area of expertise has been process analysis, process innovation, new process introduction and equipment optimization.  Since the age of 21, after graduating from the University of Houston, the founder has worked in various role and capacities such as Industrial Analyst, Manufacturing Engineer, global process Leader (overseas assignment) and Maintenance Improvement Manager. 

Throughout his career, he has developed a passion and talent for process innovation which he demonstrated all through his career early as an engineer but later in his leadership roles with team member by working on common improvement projects.

As an example, in defense automotive, the founder developed automated process for the generation of numerical control programs allowing project lead time for new products to go from an average of 10 days to half a day.  This is 20 times faster than the original situation.

In the same company, he developed a mathematical model that allowed the optimization of tombstones in a "Mazak Flexible Manufacturing System" allowing the production to go from 4 operation crews to 2 operations crews.  

While in France for 3-1/2 years in  his assignment as a Global Process Leader, the founder was responsible for a key process deployed over 28 manufacturing sites in all 5 continents.  He had the opportunity to travel extensively working with diverse teams of engineering in all 5 continents.  He had the responsibility to be the face of the corporation to all key equipment supplier supporting capital investment, commissioning, maintenance and innovation issues for his process of responsibility.  In this case threading to be specific.  He has introduced a new process that have become global standards.  During that time, working with threading equipment supplier in Scotland, he initiated, developed and led the project that modified an equipment with propriety solutions that allowed it to produce 3 times its maximum output.  This was very huge for equipment valued at over 1.2 million Euros.

Most recently as a maintenance planning and improvement manager, the founder was in charge of teams dedicated to equipment optimization for 2 industrial sites in the Houston area doing preventive maintenance, reliability improvements as well as productivity improvements.

With a good sense of the very often missed improvement opportunities and the required combination of attitude, approaches and technical skills required to arrive to great performance improvement; the founder started to notice similar opportunities in the service industry is as consumer of services in his day-to-day life.

It is through that realization that the founder has decided to create SEKCO LLC with a goal to allow the sector to benefit from that Manufacturing experience through process analysis, equipment customization, designing, dedicated tools, utilizing automation tools like robotics.

The laundry service, while definitely not being the only area we will target, is excitingly the area where we will launch our journey.

LAUNDRY SERVICES PROCESS OPTIMIZATION BLOG:  We have decided to create a blog to be able to share our experiences while learning from others by reviewing a topic related to laundry services process optimization.  We will  publish every quarter a reviews of topics related to equipment performance, process flow, innovation or general issues pertaining to productivity.  For that purpose we are willing to perform free process analysis for our partner through an agreed contract in order to enrich our reviews.  Please contact us for further inquiry.

MOBILE VAN SERVICES:  Sekco Laundry services will organize pick up and delivery group events with discounted prices at various locations in order to allow a larger community of customers to benefit from our services.  These events will be communicated as they are organized.

PICKUP AND DELIVERY:  Our "unique" technology enable us to offer you the convenience of pickup and delivery for regular laundered & pressed at the same market price for drop off services in the area.  

From the convenience of your computer, you will be able to schedule a pickup and request delivery using our system.

COMMERCIAL LAUNDRY:  We are looking forward to working with all of our partners in the dry cleaning industry, laundromats, restaurant and kitchens, medical facilities, all services requiring uniforms and more.

Special contract can be proposed based on the needs of our customers.

We particularly want to emphasize our pressing capabilities to our dry cleaning partners.  To restaurants and kitchens, we offer a very competitive price for linens.

Secko Laundry Services is the materialization of our stated vision.  By redefining process flow and customizing existing technologies we have been able to develop an innovative but most importantly "unique" process allowing us to wash and press garments with quality at significantly higher volumes than standard industry practices for dry cleaning or laundry services.

With our installed capabilities, we are therefore ready to serve our commercial partners as well as residential with a quality service at a competitive price.

As a start up, our belief is that existing technologies used creatively should allow the dry cleaning and laundry services to become more and more affordable.  Though this may be a hard task to do, we will strive to maintain this vision at our very core.

We welcome you in our innovation Journey!  Becoming our customer, our partner, you are allowing the laundry industry to make its shift to greater performance in quality, high volume and affordable laundry services which in return will make your lives easier.