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Custom T Shirt Printing Service near Houston, TX

Our Industrial pressing system allows to thermally press T shirt with very good picture resolution. As part of our Dry Cleaning option we offer T Shirt Printing at very good prices. We will process your order very professionally for a lead time of an average of 4 days. Some orders can expedited per customer request and also based on T shirts and design readiness.

How it Works:

When Placing order select the dry cleaning option and the pick and delivery days in the “T Shirt Printing Route”. We will contact you within the 24 hrs. through phones, emails, videos or physical appointment we will consult on the design that you wish to have. Once the design is agreed on we will proceed with your order with confirmation of the delivery date. Upon Completion your professionally printed items will be delivered to you.

T Shirt Printing Pricing:

  • One piece, one face: $13.99 per shirt
  • One piece, two faces: $15.99 per shirt
  • 4 or more pieces, one face: $12.99 per shirt
  • 4 or more pieces, two faces: $13.99 per shirt
  • 12 or more pieces, one face: $12.99 per shirt
  • 12 or more pieces, two faces: $11.99 per shirt

Special  or large orders will be accommodated and quoted separately.

Our Process

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